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Tool-Assisted Speedrun Link or better known as "TAS Link" is a psychopathic serial killer who believes destroying time and space is the only way to enjoy life. He is in an eternal battle with some guy named Ben.


TAS Link is a young boy with many expressions. He normally changes his expressions without thought or notice. He has messy blonde hair and black eyebrows. His normal outfit consists of his Pajamas. His shirt is a blue with a white lobster and a wave decal at the bottom of the shirt. He wears orange baggy pants which cover the top of his blue sandals.

In one rare occasion, he was seen in a green tunic and cap.


Any glitch in Wind Waker™ for the Gamecube™

He can destroy Space and Time.

TAS Link Render


  • He can achieve the best record on any TAS Zelda Speedrun.
  • He is able to kill any boss in under a minute.
  • TAS Link never had a childhood because he speedran through it.
  • TAS Link celebrates the Judaism faith.
  • He used to go GameStop™ dumpster diving, but got caught and is too scared to do it again ever since.

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