Frightside Knight Graphic Novel

The TC 2000, the reanimated corpse of the Zodiac Serial Killer, first appeared in Farley Sweet's 2000 graphic novel "Frightside Knight." He is the primary antagonist sent back in time to assassinate Vent Light before he can upload his video exposing Egoraptor's secret identity. The TC 2000 is destroyed by Aoi and Shakre using a makeshift, nuclear slurpie machine but only after Vent is shot through the heart. Because this is a stand alone novel these E-Vents are considered uncanon.

2016 Movie Adaptation

The 2016 OVA is fairly true to the original story but opens up with the Weeaboo Werewolf's arc conclusion. Tommy Dickles at Comic-Cuck Con said this was done to bring more color to Vent's character as he was quite literally black and white in the original manga piece. Another major change was Vent surviving as Aoi and Shakre were not delayed by writing hiatuses. The TC 2000 is voiced by Go Animate in the first half and Brendan Barney in the second half.

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