Tamers12345 is the creator of Sonic Underground and famous youtuber. He is an official Scary Godbro.


After creating the universe he thought this world could use a beautiful gift that everyone will love. He created Sonic Underground then spread it through the world. After SU became the number one show in the world he moved to frightside to continue animating new episodes. Sonic Underground is still being continued through his youtube channel.

After being founded by Spilled Ketchup in 2014 (Prior to joining NSGM) he asked him the answer to life and Tamers12345 said "Sonic Underground Bitchezz"


  • Tamers12345 is a god and cool
  • Tamers12345 also created the other Sonics but never loved them like he does SU
  • His wardrobe is the rarest thing in this known universe. Made out of the finest boxes from K-Mart
  • Tamers12345 has recreated the universe several times after it's been destroyed by SuperKai64

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