"Gimme that ass"




All the time

The Assman is an almighty powerful being, he shutters himself away from society. When the Assman was first introduced in "Scary Godmother: Fist Of The Tight Vagina", he was seen as a innocent traveling hermit in the eyes of Scary Godmother and Bug-A-Boo's lost spirit. Scary Godmother at the time was trying to find a way to revive Bug-A-Boo after being killed by Leslie Jones, she had heard the rumors of the all powerful Assman and his ways of the spirit realm. She eventually met up with the Assman, his first words to her was "stop it dad I'm GAY". He then combined Bug-A-Boo with his body of which he was very sexually attracted to.

The Assman's origins are somewhat of a mystery, but JIMMY has referenced him saying "I would rather risk everything fighting Hannah and Scary Godmother, the Assman is too sexually active as of late". This shows us that the Assman used to be some kind of cuck at somepoint

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