Best Animation Meme Ever01:07

Best Animation Meme Ever

This is in fact the best animation meme. This meme took me 13 years and is my magnum opus. It is so perfect that my life is complete and no longer fear death. it is simple yet so complex that this is GodHood. This meme alone can and will prevent WW3 and any future wars. This meme can cure cancer, AIDS, and any disease. This meme is the reason we are meant to live, love it as it loves you. why the tools may look inferior it is actually so good that we humans make it look terrible, only mantis shrimp are the only creatures to see it beauty. This meme will live on after heat death and the end of the universe causing another big bang. all the people that hate this meme are terrible and should be killed for there ingrates. this will become the biggest meme of 2017-9999999999 and will never become stale or bad. This meme is so great that you play this video in any order and it will be the best thing. it is also a perfect loop and can therefore out time itself. The music used for is one of the best tracks in mankind come from the sunrise japan. The song alone can cure depression, this song is "Super Mario World Overworld 2". This even bets Jim Davis's "Garfield Pipe Comic Strip". Now as we speak this meme is curing hunger and stopping all and any conflict even petty conflicts. We all live in this meme as well and can be soooo relatable. This should run every country, planet, galaxy, and multiverse. This meme is so good that it is sentient and loves all above itself. This meme is not a cult bt a religion and will one day crush all other religions. This meme is so advanced that it is actually from the 4th dimension. So after the summary I would like you to watch is if you haven't already. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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