The chief of Pupununu lives in the island of Pupununu which is currently under the rule of Coconut Fred. He leads a tribe on the island, doing whatever it takes to protect his people and fight for the greater good. The chief is friends with the Christian child Tak and sees the God of Creation Coconut Fred as an enemy, dubbing him as a false god.


The chief of Pupununu use to live in peace with his tribe until Coconut Fred took over. Coconut Fred's immense power and lack of emotions such as sadness and suffering brought chaos to his people. The Chief was not happy at all. The chief retorted Coconut Fred's torment by challenging him to a duel of sheer power but the odds weren't in his favor. Surprisingly, the chief survived the gruesome battle with Coconut Fred. He found out about his friend Tak talking about his new friend Juju, saying that Juju is helping Tak. The chief found this to be suspicious and decided to learn more about Juju. After long hours of research, he found out that Juju was one of the beings created by Coconut Fred, bent on the world's destruction. As of now, his struggle with Coconut Fred and his people is connected to the fate of the world if not ALL LIFE ITSELF.

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