"The Failed SGMWiki2 Incident" was an attempt to colonize and reasonably populate the now defunct Rocket Power wiki that sadly ended in failure.

The Failed SGMWiki2 Incident
The improved home page, before it's removal.
Vital statistics
Participants Crispy Cheddar, OTFree and Farley Sweet
Date 3/16/2015
Location Rocker Power Wiki


Around 12:30 PM EST, OTFree (along with Crispy Cheddar and Farley Sweet) began to swarm the Rocket Power wiki with "meaningful edits" and "positive changes".

Such edits included the inclusion of a new header for the wiki (pictured below) and the creation of additional, crucial pages. Some of which included Moot, Nolan Jetstream and No Rest for the Spooky Shoobies! to name a few.

However, despite their good intentions, their I.P. addresses were soon blocked by administration and any and all changes were reverted.


The would be new header for the SGM Wiki 2.

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