The Ghost Zone

Makai 9demon

The Ghost zone is a world where Demon's and Ghosts go to be at. The Ruler of the Wourld is Gundamn Tanaka. He hoes a good job.

The Ghost Zone is protected by a net-like energy barrier, established by the Great Queen Scary Godmother, that divides  Fright Side from Human World, resting in the pseudo space only Frightside residents/ghosts below A-class can pass through it. A more powerful net was going to be made, but net energy was the energy most easily spread, to cover the distance in the pseudo space.

First appeared in Tommy Dickles, Scary Godmother and The Attack on Frightside.


It was cut down by Bert, and his newly-developed Super Spooky Spirit Sword, while chasing Scary Godmother along with Jin and Bug-A-boo, to The Ghost Zone during Chapter 8 of Scary Godmother and The Attack on Frightside.

The American Phantom

In Peter A. Locke's first novel, the Ghost Zone was briefly mentioned when Danny Phantom threw Sam T. Goth into the Ghost zone. Sam later escaped the ghost zone do to Vlad rescuing her. Sam T. Goth was turned into a ghost. It was unknown how, but fans came to a conclusion she died somewhere in the ghost zone. It is unknown how she gained weight whilst in there.

Poltergeist Report

In the movie "Scary Godmother: Poltergeist Report" jin's evil clone was turned into a ghost. He Briefly mentioned the ghost zone was the source of his powers. Although the movie is non-canon, fan's still accept this as part of the main plot.

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