The Great Meme War is an event taking place from 2015 to 2016, after the events of Scary Godmother Part 6: Stone Ocean. After Killer Keemstar resets the universe 20 times, everything goes exactly as it has been before except Keemstar was unable to reset the universe again. However, Keemstar's son, Keemstar Jr., had memories that Keemstar implanted in his son using memory discs. These memories enraged Keemstar Jr. and caused him to build The Dark Meme Factory, where Keemstar Jr. and his cohorts had produced only the most dreadful of memes, memes so shitty and cancerous, a new word was needed for it; Vine. Vines are deadly to mankind but had somehow spread throughout the youth of the world during 2015.

Many brave souls would not tolerate this and went against the Dark Meme Factory, leading to The Great Meme War. Many had lost their lives in this war, but those fighting on the side of the memes had died for a good cause.

During 2016 however, an unamed hero had went into the Dark Meme Factory and destroyed the essence of Vine, destroying the source of the shitty memes. Some pieces of degeneracy are still left behind from the Dark Meme factory unfortunately.

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