The Headless Horsemen was a failed horsemen how wanted to join The Four Horsemen but after being rejected he found Conquest the old leader of The Four Horsemen. After training he later joined them until he learned that they betrayed Conquest and were only going to use him as a meat shield. He abandoned them and seeked for the aid of Conquest. After finding him minutes before death he vowed to kill all horsemen.


  • His horse is the fastest horse nearly reaching the speed of light
  • The Head can fire brimstone if charged for long enough
  • He is the only being to know other than Death on how to break the seal on the horsemen chamber.


  • The Headless Horsemen is the only horsemen to have his horse stolen
  • The Headless Horseman's head floats exactly 5.8cm of the ground according to behind the scenes voice tape
  • The Headless Horsemen has no sense of touch and smell and is legally deaf

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