The Marshmallow From Movie 2
Before his death




Scary Godsexual





The Marshmallow From Movie 2 was a major character that first debuted in Scary Godmother: The Revenge of Jimmy .


The Marshmallow From Movie 2 was originally going to play a larger role in the series, but Jill Thompson changed her mind later remarking;

"I don't know, the character just didn't seem like (he) was ready to fulfill the role of the main lead. So, I held off my original plans and decided to reduce him to a minor cameo instead.".

Sadly, he was defeated shortly after Hannah decided that she was REALLY hungry and wanted to get the filler scene out of the way.

Marshmallow's defeat at the mouth of Hannah.

Role in "Fukkatsu No M"

Supposedly, Marshmallow may play a larger part in the upcoming 6th theatrical film in the series, "Scary Godmother: Fukkatsu No M". However, others speculate that he may just be scrapped all together, seeing as how he hasn't made an appearance in any of the official teasers yet.

The "M" in the title may also refer to other characters such as Maxwell, who was also a major antagonist in the series at one point. Others speculate that is could be a reference to characters in Neo Scary Godmother, such as Marine1337, Meme-Lord, Moot or Michiri Neko.

A new trailer is teased to be unveiled at the 2015 Spookvent this October by Jill Thompson. More information to come.

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