After Melvin was trapped in a ruby amulet the "Melvin Amulet" was born.


Melvin lives in the amulet and can control thing around him using his demon abilities but more importantly when somebody wears the amulet they gain unworldly abilities and Melvin can enter their mind. If the wearer is evil enough Melvin can take over the host’s body then there soul. While in the amulet Melvin gain power from the wearer and if were released would be unstoppable.


  • Melvin can teleport the amulet by turning it into light.
  • Melvin can psychopathically talk to people in a 15 feet radius
  • Wearer gain greater strength
  • Wearer can hover
  • Wearer gains greater intelligence
  • Wearer becomes a cuck just like Melvin

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