The REEE'ening
Vital statistics
Participants Neo ScaryGodmother (community as a whole)
Date March 31st, 2015
Location DeviantArt
The REEE'ening is by far, the most pointless event in all of SGM related events that got out of hand pretty fast.


It involved all Neo Scary Godmother members to target a single photo on DeviantArt, in which to comment on it with the signature asshole screech "REEEEEEEEEEEE!" at the same time.. At first, it was a simple annoyance. The results were expected to be a simple "block and ignore", but to their surprise, the user Pixietira gave the block part but ended up taking things to the next level of "ass burger". She blocked the heroes, but also cried out for help, making it seem like it was a fucking terrorist attack when it was a simple spam raid.

Pixietira blew the white knight horn and summoned Naar99 and Marine1337 somehow. How she found our favorite duo? No one knows! Anyways, long story short, Pixietira now had two new accounts. One to "bait" out the trolls and one to hide in. The supposed "bait" account, which was hardly considered bait, was an account that she would deem "...A playground for trolls to have their fun!". She asked them to post all to their hearts content on this very account and she would not "check the account ever again".

So, the Scary Godcrew took the bait just for the heck of it and found her actual new account via common sense by searching her name on DA. She ended up tagging herself in her journal and blatantly stating it was in fact her. With the new account, the Scary Godcrew let out a hearty "REEEEEEEEEEEE!" on her new accounts' profile.

Pixietira panicked after finding out the true culprit was Marine1337 after everyone in the Scary Godcrew just decided to pin it on him (by posting a doctored screenshot of him saying it was him). Some red guy showed up and told Pixietira it was fake.


Pixietira deleted both her new accounts and kept the Scary Godcrew blocked. The Scary Godcrew just got bored and decided to not dwell in these shallow waters again.

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