The Rottenverse is a series of stories written by NSGM throughout August 2016. The Rottenverse details the life of Robbie Rotten, the Rottenverse is a multiverse that consists of four different canon parrallel rottenverses, all home to a respective Robbie Rotten of that rottenverse.

The Rottenverse timeline goes as below

The Rottenfellas universe

This universe begins with Rottenfellas, which follows "Don Rotten" and his life of crime, continued in Rottenfellas ll: Rottenerfellas and concluded in Rottenfellas lll: Rottenestfellas.

The Rotten Brothers universe

This universe, while very similar to the Lazy Town universe, follows not just Robbie but his special brother Rodni Rotten, who attempts to fit in with the other residents of Lazy Town.

The Dues Ex: Rotten universe

This universe is in fact the same universe where the Scary Godmother charatcers reside, it USED to begin with Lazy Note until some fucking jimmie deleted it, where Robbie obtains a book that makes people lazy by writing their name in it, it is then concluded in Dues Ex: Rotten Revolution where Robbie becomes "Composite-Rotten" by fusing with Elder Toguro.

Other Rottenverses

These episodes are told in Robbie's Rotten Realization, Rotten

The Lazy Town universe

This Universe is where the True Robbie resides and where the Lazy Town television series takes place, however in Steel Ball Rotten, using Rotten Deeds Done Rotten Cheap, he gathers other Robbies from the other existing universes to combat Sportacus.

Rottenverse Extended Universe

In late 2017, some die-hard fans of the Rottenverse created a new Rottenverse fanfiction, Bride of Rotten .