The Spookening!
Hannah, inspecting the posts.
Vital statistics
Participants OTFree, Farley Sweet,

Tommy Dickles and XXRainbowDashxShadowXx

Date 3/4/2015 - 3/5/2015
Location Deviantart

"The Spookening!" is the single greatest achievement ever conceived by the Neo Scary Godmother fanbase.


Leaders of the NSGM movement (OTFree, Farley Sweet and Tommy Dickles) gathered in earnest, and with their friends, proceeded to 'promote' Scary Godmother (as well as Jill Thompson) on Deviant Art. Using tags such as '#ScaryGodmother' and '#JillThompson', the Neo Scary Godmother movement managed to post over +300 images of Scary Godmother at 11:30 PM, EST.


Scary Godmother images managed to make it to the front page of Deviant Art numerous times only mere minutes of uploading. OTFree also managed to gain 5 more followers immediately after his contribution of 50 images.


Deviant User(s):

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