The West Records
The West Records
In spring of 2013 my store received an external hard drive. The contents of it were heavily corrupt at the time of arrival. Since then I have taken the task of decrypting and repairing the files. This channel contains what I find. Everything is organized by the dates on the files. Nothing you see is a fabrication or dramatization. Viewer discretion advised. Collectively, these are known as The West Records.

First upload

July 8, 2013

Channel creation date

July 2, 2013

Subscriber count


Latest video

WR: Log 22

The West Records (西レコード) is a YouTube channel and video series of mysterious found footage recovered from a hard drive of unknown origin. Currently, the channel continues to operate. Because it was discovered by Night Mind, the masses that have flocked to The West Records all feel the need to comment such things as "Night Mind brought me here" or "Who else is here because of Night Mind?" The channel can be found here

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