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Tool Time


An alternate form of Mailman Brando from an alternate dimension, and is one of the Handy Men from that dimension along with Tom Hanks, and John Goodman. Tim Allen wields the Stand Tool Time that freezes time for 10 seconds to sell, and fix houses for real estate or something.

He has a burning crush for Tom Hanks, the leader of the Handy Men in his dimension.


Tool Time (クソニガー Kusonigā?): Freezes time for ten seconds by chanting the magical spell of EUUUUUUGH!!. Saves people 50% of time and money on real estate.

Big Guy Body Mass (大きな悪いバールの戦利品 Ōkina warui bāru no senri-hin?): Through the power of Bane's mask, Tim Allen's body mass increases ten fold and becomes the ultimate big bootied bara able to German Suplex the fuck out of anybody, even himself.

Power Drill Rush (それはクソドリルです Sore wa kusodorirudesu?): Summons a giant power drill and SPINS the fucking thing through his skull like a madman. There's no real advantage in doing this, it doesn't even help or anything TIM. Oh I forgot, it is the only thing that can remove Bane's mask off of him. And I guess he could try drilling holes in his enemy if he really tried. Maybe.


  • Tim Allen and Tom Hanks are early childhood friends.
  • They both hate the fuck out of Robbie Rotten, who threatened to use a gun on them from his Adventure Time Jake The Dog bookbag in middle school.
  • They rescued John Goodman from the clutches of baneposting shitposters.
  • He is the most honorable of the Handy Men.
  • He is the father of Giorno Giovanna rather it be biological or adopted.
  • You now remember "Big Trouble"