Tito "Dickman" Dick





  • Phil
  • Jack


  • The Nutshack


  • Daily City


  • His annoying landlord, Dwayne


  • Pussy Destroyer
  • Daddy
  • Gamer
  • Pimp


Alive (Deceased in the Halloween AU)


The Nutshack (2007) and Super Smash Bros (2018)

He raised Phil and loves the ladies.


[Super Dong Snatcher]: This ability is an ancient Sith technique involving force lightning being shoot directly at the pelvic area, grabbing you by the dong and electrifying it. (This technique is more effective against those who have a penis). He also vapes and has over 51 confirmed kills.


The Current Timeline

Tito "Dickman" Dick (baby) has been confirmed to be one of, if not the most powerful character in the Nutshack franchise. Born from nothing and rags, failing his tests to become an EVA pilot and contemplating suicide, Tito discovered the "bling" in his jewelry, granting him irresistible mojo and increasing his balls by 20% as well as gaining his iconic "Super Dong Snatcher" ability.

The Halloween AU Timeline

Tito was tragically killed in the battle with Jack (Cosplaying as Roadhog) by getting a hook to the head. Considering this is an AU timeline, this does not interfere with the current

The Dickpocalypse AU Timeline

Tito, now possessing unfathomable power, would conquer his timeline, and many others. Eventually sending his legion’s of dickbots and dickdemons across the omniverse to seize control of all creation. He would eventually lay eyes upon “Current Timeline” Tito, prompting him to prepare for a new invasion, summoning his armies before the Black Gate, a portal that will open to the current timeline, where his destiny, Current Tito, awaits.

The Ultra Instinct Dickman AU Timeline

Near dead during the battle with Dwayne the Landlord, Tito transcended the universe and achieved Ultra Instinct status, defeating Dwayne and uniting the world under the "Dickman" banner. Currently, he stands as the only threat to the "Dickpocalypse" AU Tito.


The future of Tito "Dickman" Dick is currently unknown due to the series abrupt cancellation. It is implied that the Ultra Instinct AU Tito will defeat the Dickpocalapse AU Tito due to a dream sequence and data-mining from Super Smash Bros (2018).