Toad is the well known leader of the Juicy Shroomass gang, the rival gang of the Bench Squad.

Before the gang

Toad was in the rap duo called Lovell and the Shroom. In September 11, 2012, Their song Milk and Cookies became a smash hit with 3,586,948 views and around 41,000 likes on Youtube. They made made multiple songs until the duo broke up in 2014.

In 2017, Toad returns to his rapping career after some retard named Jeffy took the spotlight. So he made a diss about him to take Jeffy down from the records.

Juicy Shroomass

On March 26, 2017, Toad created Juicy Shroomass and made his hit single Rap: Punch 'em in the Dick.

He met Scamboli as he made a deal to destroy The Bench Squad. He formed his homies: Neo, Neo Gutsman, Nutcracker, and his young sister, Toadette.

They fought the Bench Squad, but failed. But in turn of events, Toad Punched Scamboli in the dick to help Tails out. After the fall of Scamboli, Toad told Tails that the next time they meet, they will fight again.

Bench Squad 1.5

Toad's hand was replaced with a robot hand after punching Scamboli in the dick. After he gave Nutcracker a proper burial, He discovered that Neo and Neo Gutsman left the group and if they cross paths again, their blood would stain the streets. Few month have passed, He met Releasio, Dick Dukem, and Kraken Dax and recruited as the new members of Juicy Shroomass. Before they went to their new hideout, another gang called the Gaijin Gamer led by Gaijin Goomba appeared. Toad made fun of Aki Goomba, even calling her a "Big titty dildo slut!" to piss Gaijin Goomba off as Toad punched him in the (non-existing) dick and killed him and his gang. They continue to get into insane shit, search for the Bench Squad, and maybe talk shit about Neo to boast morale within the gang.


  • Dick Punch - No matter if you are a man, woman, child, baby, or a monster, he will punch you in the dick if you talk shit about him. Shit, he don't care if you live in Bodom, man, forget about children! You ain’t got enough kung-fu to bust some ninja shit! Fuck Sun-Tzu, you want to learn the Art of War, just punch 'em in the dick!
  • Sucker punch ‘em in the dick
  • Fruit punch ‘em in the dick
  • Hawaiian punch ‘em in the motherfuckin’ dick


  • He punched God in the dick
  • He punched Mary in the dick
  • He punched Jesus Christ in the dick
  • He punched Cheney in the dick
  • He punched Powell in his colon
  • He punched George in his Bush
  • He punched Condoleezza Rice in the diiiiiick
  • He punched himself in the dick, only once though, and never dared to do it again after being hospitalized.
  • He tried punching Neo Gutsman in the DIIIICCCCKK, that didn't turn out very well for the both of them.
  • He punches Nutcracker in the chest as a joke between them, yet it is never explained why they find it funny.
  • There is a rumor that toad has punched Satan in the dick, Toad has no idea where that rumor came from and denies to say anything on the matter which is unlike him.
  • After punching Scamboli in the dick, his hand was broken beyond repair and had to get a robotic hand, which could be a Star Wars reference.

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