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Ulquiorra Cifer (ウルキオラ・シファー, Urukiora Shifā) is Jimmy's 4th Warlord. Ulquiorra is a phantom from an unknown dimension and is a master swordsman. His makeup suggests he is a fan of KISS; but like his musical taste very little is known about him.


He first appears in episode 13 but he has no formal speaking roles. Jill confirms this is just to make his brief appearance even more spooky. In this episode he spies on Hannah in which fans are treated to the infamous shower scene.

In episode 25, Ulquiorra returns to fight Bug-a-boo. Bug-a-boo loses an eye in battle and is defeated with relative ease. Ulquiorra spares Bug-a-boo to prove a point.


Little is known of Ulquiorra's origins. Some argue he is an old broomate of Scary Godmother but this is unlikely as Ulquiorra admits he never laid eyes on Scary Godmother until episode 25.

Others suggest he is from The Ghost Zone. This is more understandable as Ulquiorra does have pale skin and more importantly; glowing green eyes.

Another theory is that Ulquiorra hails from a entirely different world altogether. Because many fangirls claim Ulquiorra is a nonconforming (hot) emo who don't need no man in his life; coming from another world just be more unique is very possible. The theory goes that he comes from a place known as "the Rottenworld".

The final theory is that Ulquiorra is actually from the Human World. The theory suggests that Ulquiorra is a physical manifestation of human sin and sorrow and is here to challenge people as their inner demons.


  • He considers himself non-white Latino
  • He claims to have infiltrated Poo's Adventures Wiki
  • Go to Johnny Test's trivia

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