Uni the Star Rabbit is the youngest member of the Bench Squad. He is Cream the Rabbit's best friend and a very good friend of Tails. He met Bug-A-Boo and never find him scary. He joins Tails along side with Cream to play a special "Game" to join the Bench Squad. His father, Dr. Rabbit, doesn't approve of anything Uni dose with Tails, however Ms. Launny gave Uni the freedom to do whatever he wants.


  • Transformation - If Uni smokes the Chaos Weed given by Tails, he will transform into Xxx_UnI_teh_420Rabbit_xxX. His head catches on fire and he can speak like a stoner. His puffs of smoke can have random effects like getting people high, trip out, or blows up. He can also open a portal to any dimensions he can with his fire.
    Xxx UnI teh 420Rabbit xxX

    Xxx_UnI_teh_420Rabbit_xxX Smoking the Chaos Weed

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