Usagi "Monster" Carrot
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Age Over 3000 years old.
Likes the taste of carrots
Dislikes losers
Voice Actors
US: Steve Harwell (English Dub)

Kamiya Hiroshi (Japanese Dub)


Usagi "Monster" Carrot (モンスター兎人参化, Monsuta Usagi ninjin-ka), who goes by Monster Carrot, is the primary antagonist of Scary Godmother XIV : Heavenspook. After the Death of JIMMY in part XIII, he became the primary antagonist of the Scary Godmother Series, and enemy of Hannah Urameshi.


Early Life

As a child, Monster Carrot traveled the streets of Cincinnati as a beggar. He came into contact with Mutigen, turning him into a magical gangster rat who can turn people into carrots.

Part XIV

Monster Carrot is contracted by Kevin Kyle's ghost to murder Hannah Urameshi. After Hannah defeated his 5 Henchemen, Scrappy Doo, Swiper, Plankton, Jorgon Von Strangle, and Wart, Monster Carrot engages in battle with Hannah. Scooby Doo attempts to read Monster Carrot's Powerlevel, but the rating causes Scooby's scouter to explode, killing him instantly. Monster Carrot then turns Hannah into a carrot using『C A R R O T』and devours her, killing her. However, Black kid in a grape costume holding a grocery bag filled with candy's Future Counterpart returns from the future ruled by Monster Carrot and revives Hannah using the Ultra Candy, and then returns home to destroy Monster Carrot in the future.


His power level is recorded as 9,312,903,781,892,467,891,247,092,418,967,124,762,109,124,891,246,961,248,912,496,912,120,320,887,123,789,421,897,987,981,260, promptly causing Scooby Doo's scouter to explode, killing him instantly.

Techniques and special abilities

  • Stand『C A R R O T』 - Monster Carrot's Stand, where he turns his foes into delicious carrots


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