Vent Light
"Its not enough that I should succeed--spoofers should fail."










Sky Guardian (Neo Vongola)

(Vent Light is a pretty cool YouTuber and is an avid supporter of Neo Scary Godmother. Vent Light, if you're reading this, we love you <3)


Vent Light is a Megaman who uses two biometals known as Model X and Model Z. These small floating rocks are is two tools of fighting. These biometals give him armor and weapons when engaged in combat. Vent's goal is to protect those who can't defend for themselves. This is mainly because he lost his mother in a Maverick attack when he was only 5 years old. Vent's father on the other hand.... Well that's a different story.

Vent meets various residents of Fright side such as Ren the god of humor, Farley Sweet, Tommy Dickles, and many more. Unfortunately, he did get into some trouble with Jimmies. The infamous Ren the god of failure sent his followers after Vent Light, knowing that he is an ally of the True Ren. Some of his followers that was sent to attack Vent light were Thania Shults, Max Jackson, Tyrannosaurus Rulez, Hart JuniorTHX, This person who is going through an identity crisis, and Alerkina4the6th. There main plan is to make Vent Light culpable for being a video thief. All Vent did was sharing his opinion and just explaining how the Jimmies' actions are just plain inane. Knowing Jimmies however, they continue to pursue Vent Light. Knowing that Jimmies are seeming to be an unstoppable force, he consults the fright side residents to seek assistance in defeating the Jimmies. Ren the God of humor accepts Vent Light's call for assistance so Vent, Ren, and his comrades band together to fight off the Jimmies and possibly throw it down with Fake Ren.
Vent ZX

Vent Megamerged with Model Zx.


  • Vent Light has a female counterpart named Aile Light.
  • Vent Light has met Jill Thompson at Florida Super Con.
  • Vent Light is a good friend of Silver the rival.