Vince Vaughn is an american actor and comedian who was born into poverty in detroit in 1887. His father died in the vietnam war two years after his birth in 1889. So Vince had to work as a fisherman's apprentice to raise money to support his 3 moms and pet polar bear marco rubio. Vaughn got into acting in 1943 after watching naruto for the first time. He also got into comedy around the same time, doing stand up making fun of sauske. Vaughn was launched into public eye after starring in the film gayniggers from outer space playing lead role of Tyroil - Smoochie-Wallace. Vince Vaughn died in 1969 due to complications after his penis spontaneously combusted. He was revived in 1984 by the transexual necromancer Joss Wheadon so he could star as penis boy in Avengers: infinity war. Vaughn currently lives in a two story box under a bridge with Marco Rubio. He has nothing to do whatsoever with scary godmother.

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