Weed Smoke is a cloud of marijuana smoke. Weed Smoke is a prisoner in Frightside Prison and his Prison ID is MA22395.


Weed Smoke is the son of Seth Rogen and another weed smoking actor. He was born on set of Sausage Party and was an abomination created by accident. After being abandoned by his parents he grew up in the ghetto side of Frightside.

He sold Marijuana to underage kids and adults. He joined a ganged and entered the Drug Group of the gang. Giorno Giovanna caught him selling drugs and beat the shit out of him. Because he's made of gas he couldn't be killed that easily so he was sent to Frightside Prison where he currently lives his life as a Gas Cloud Prisoner.


  • He's Dumb
  • Haha Smoke Weed
  • 420 SETH ROGEN
  • Farley Sweet hung out with once and inject 3 weeds. Farley was sent to the hospital for four weeks

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