The Beginning


Tommy Dickles and OTFree finding out that xXRainbowDashxShadowXx was banned from

The entity known as xXRainbowDashxShadowXx was a prominently risque, yet somewhat mysterious member of the Neo Scary Godmother movement. OTFree first noticed his unique perspective on life when he stumbled on his Supreme Gamers Elite website. After speaking with him for a while, he finally convinced xXRainbowDashxShadowXx to expand his views from videogames to Scary Godmother, where he proceeded to begin his unique reviewing process. However, his review turned out harsher than anticipated and the subsequent backlash led to many people becoming triggered for life by Halloween, horror, and in some cases, their own mothers. As a result, the top Admins of the Wikia website moved to have xXRainbowDashxShadowXx banned for life from the Scary Godmother Wiki.

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