Yung venuz

Y.V. with his golden revolver.

Yung Venuz (usually shortened to Y.V.) is a character from Vlambeer's games Gun Godz and Nuclear Throne, but started his life as a character in Scary Godmother: Attack of the Weeaboo Werewolf. Y.V. is the god of handheld projectile weapons and looks like a triangle, and also one of the stands of Scary Godmother. In Weeaboo Werewolf, he helped Scary Godmother defend herself from otakus when he was summoned by Godmother by shooting money at them, causing the otakus to leave to go buy manga and dakimakuras. He also showed up at the climax, where he, along with Scary Godmother, Jimmy, Harry, Bug-a-boo, and everyone else important to the Scary Godmother canon helped Hannah channel a spirit bomb to destroy anime forever in order to deprive Johnny Test of his unholy weeaboo powers.