"Praise my name! Bathe in the glory of my countenance! Praise my name!" - YHVH getting the succ

YHVH (ミスター クリーン)is generally a pretty cool guy except for the fact that he's a fuckin' Jimmie. And trying to say his name results in some kind of rubber ducky noise


  • Nuked Tokyo (fucking asshole)
  • Had a bunch of fucks build a pyramid on top of Tokyo's remains, because pyramids are rad as shit.
  • May or may not be Patrick Stewart.
  • Listen dude this guy's scary I don't like talking about him.
  • Replaced all the fruit loops in Walgreens with copies of the Jewish Bible a.k.a. the Jibble. Some have speculated Jimmy told him to do it. These are the same people who think Sit and Spin Adventure has anything to do with the Rottenverse. What poopyheads.

The Siege on Atlus

One day, YHVH was fucking around. Atlus suffered the consequences, as hordes of angels followed, including Mastememe. In an attempt to appease him, Atlus sacrificed at least 12 different Persona 4 spin-offs. This did not work, and now Atlus is in shambles. Kazuma Kaneko was the lone survivor (Atlus had him locked up in the basement for several years - too many phallic demon designs. Basically, he was drawin some diccz.)

Mario Teaches Typing

Mario in the game 'Mario Teaches Typing' is actually YHVH. Originally, kids were meant to type out lines from the Jibble. This was cut, however, and YHVH was pissed, so he sieged Nintendo, who had to sacrifice at least 18 different versions of New Super Mario Bros. It is speculated that he is the reason SMT was moved to handheld systems.

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