Yuri Of Wind


At least 19




Comatose State


After being left in a basket at an orphanage he was brought in by the caretakers. One day at the orphanage he was being mugged by a local orphan named Chocolate Magma. Before Chocolate Magma could take all of his 4 dollars in quarters he saw Tommy Dickles and decided to bully him instead. Yuri thought to himself to befriend Tommy because they were both losers at the orphanage.

After they became friends a new child joined the orphanage named Pan Pizza. They befriended the new guy and decided on becoming brothers. They heard if you share sake you could make a bond that will make you brothers. They went downtown and found a homeless man with a brown bag. They stole it from the sleeping hobo thinking it was sake. They filled up 3 sippy cups and drank. Because they were all babies they started to gag and choke. They cleaned their mouths out with some Minute Maid Lemonade.

After a few years have passed they moved out of the orphanage and went their separate ways. Sometiming contacting each other to keep up to date.

The Accident

After getting a job in construction he threw his back out from trying to take all the groceries in at once, he fell down a construction pit and bumped his head on a can of Chef Boyardee.


  • He taught Zoro the One Sword Style Technique
  • Despite being named YuriofWind he doesn't like Yuri nor can he control Wind
  • His favorite Pokemon is Agumon
  • His favorite color is purple
  • He invented Rocky Road Ice Cream